Inaja-Cosmit Band of Indians


The Inaja-Cosmit Reservation is located 36 miles northeast of San Diego. It is accessible via Interstate 8 east and California Route 67 north. Tribal lands consist of two parcels of rather remote and somewhat inaccessible land at the base of Cuyamaca Peak. Deep winter snows and a lack of facilities make these locations inhospitable to all but the hardiest.

Members of the Inaja-Cosmit Band belong to the Kumeyaay Nation. Tribal lands of the Kumeyaay Nation extend from San Diego and Imperial counties in California to territories 60 miles south of the Mexican border. The Kumeyaays are members of the Yuman-language branch of the Hokan linguistic group.

The Inaja-Cosmits are governed by a tribal chairperson, and they maintain a tribal office in Escondido, California.


Inaja and Cosmit Reservation
Laguna-Pine Valley, CA

Council Members

Name Position
Rebecca M. Osuna